Flavio Marreti is Head Tennis Professional of Altitude Academy – Miami. He started to play when he was 10 years old in Sao Paulo Brazil where he is from. He competed as a junior player on various tours including Nike, Kolynos, FPT and M200. At the age of 18 Flavio won the Interclub Championships for his Club Esperias and he participated in a Challenger $100,000 (Copa Petrobas 2004) in Bolivia.

Flávio has been working on player development since 1994. His focus has always been to train himself to the highest level to be prepared to coach players of all levels and ages. He has taken over 100 specific training courses including, Master Technician of the CBT National Professional Qualification System, Tennis Play&Stay expert ITF, ITF level 3, PTR Specialist High Performance Tennis Coach, PTR Professional Tennis Coach, Gabe Jaramillo Method.

With this intense training journey and with recognized knowledge Flavio has been a peer trainer for the CBT and ITF. He has taught more than 100 courses for the Brazilian Tennis Confederation (CBT) and dozens of level 1, 2 and 3 courses by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in South America, Central America and Africa.Flavio was coach to Eric P. Gomes 260 ATP and also – Ariela P. Primo 780 WTA, as well as coaching numerous Division 1 players such as Nabil and Richem Mourad.

Flavio is passionate about coaching, using the Gabe Jaramillo Methodology and Periodization, he delivers a well structured and highly technical training plan leaving room for individual elements and progressions. His attention to detail benefits all players and helps them grow into well rounded and highly skilled tennis players.

“Being a coach is an amazing opportunity to positively influence people by actively participating in their formation and athlete development, as well as being able to help them reach their maximum potential and their goals”. Head Tennis Professional Falvio Marreti