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Training at Altitude Academy - Miami, you are sure to become a top athlete!

Featuring Flavio Marreti as Head Tennis Professional and Luice Perez as Head of Competition, our team of coaches have a proven track record of transforming highly promising young athletes into college players, professionals and superstars. With a blend of experiences from working alongside Altitude Academy’s Master Coach Gabe Jaramillo, ITF & PTR certifications, to college and professional experience as players, they are well prepared to deliver one of the most customized developmental youth tennis training programs in the industry.

The Coaching and Teaching Teams are supported by Sara Gauvreau – Academy Director. As a Performance Specialist and Sport Nutritionist she is also the Head of the Conditioning and Nutrition components of our Training Programs.


World Class Tennis Coaches, Hitting Partners and Trainers

We take our tennis training seriously at Altitude Academy by using a variety of experienced professionals, hitting partners, and trainers so that our junior athletes can draw from a wide range of coaching perspectives to help them reach their potential.

Altitude Academy Campus

Our FULL-TIME ACADEMY, at Florida International University, includes a fully accredited Academic Program in a Private School Setting located at Florida International University - Bay Biscayne Campus.

Our customized schedule will allow you to train in your Sport and achieve excellent results in Honors Level Academics so you can graduate fully prepared for entry to top US Colleges and Universities. Our flexible blended program allows athletes to travel to tournaments and receive the necessary support from our licensed teachers to help you stay on track academically.

We’re proud to be a part of Altitude Academies, together we have helped thousands of students achieve their athletic and academic dreams with scholarships and/or admissions to Collegiate Teams as well as Ivy League.

Training with Altitude

Our tennis training follows a periodization and methodology by Master Coach Gabe Jaramillo.

Gabe Jaramillo has been at the top of the industry as the coach of 8 No. 1 and 26 players in the top 10 in the world, including Kei Nishikori, Camila Osorio, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles, Chino Rios, and others.

In addition to tennis academy training, junior tennis players will be given the chance to train with the best players and to engage in Match-Play, Performance Conditioning, Sport Nutrition, Mental Training and Coach’s Eye video analysis. Miami offers many tournament opportunities, our Team will help you choose the best tournaments according to your level, short and long term goals.

You can enrol at Altitude Academies on a Full Time basis which follows the academic year dates, typically mid August to end of May or if you are planning a shorter visit you can enrol on a weekly basis year round.

High Performance Training

The high-performance training includes:

2 Hours

…of tennis in the morning where players work on technique, mostly live ball skills, close and semi close live ball drills, and specific instructions following the Periodization of the semester which is prepared by our elite coaches. Tennis session in the morning is followed by:

1 Hour

…of Fitness and Conditioning regimen that includes a variety of training modalities such as,balance and stability, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic development through sustained low intensity activities and short duration sprinting and change of direction exercises; not to mention overall strength training, power development and nutritional awareness coaching.

2 Hours

…session in the afternoon for tactical purposes, match play, UTR certified matches and different drills and games to teach the players how to play and win more matches.

Helping Students Get Results

Our high-performance tennis academy has a track record of helping players reach their potential.

We have been honored to send students to different universities in the US, including almost all the Ivy League schools, top D1, D2, NAIA, and Junior Colleges. Working with the assistance of University Sports Programs, we have the right guidance to take all our student-athletes to the next chapter in their lives. Combined, we have been sending tennis players to top colleges for over 30 years, and our athletes have earned millions of dollars in athletic scholarships.

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